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Certifited Professional Service Dog Trainers

Service Dogs
Service Dogs
We have service dogs ready for placement!

Our service dogs come with advanced off-leash training, and service skills to match! We know how difficult it can be to find a dog that meets your needs, which is why we started our service program in hopes of bettering lives and making it easier to get support.

Service Dog Training
Having a service dog is nothing we take lightly. We need to make sure you or your loved one is a good fit for a service dog, as well as a good fit for our training. The information below will let you know how to qualify for a Domestic Dog Training Service Dog.

  • COST: Our service dogs cost $8,000 to $50,000, and require 3 months to 2 years of training, depending on what we are teaching them to do. We can help with fundraising if need be, infact, some people end up with free service dogs when we raise enough money.

    We have Service dogs looking for homes. Check out our Trained Puppies page linked below.

  • Step 1: Connect with us and fill out our Service Dog Application

    Call or Text Steve (860) 309- 1266 to let him know that you filled out the Service Dog Form.

    Click the link below to fill out our Service Dog Application.

  • Step 2: In Person Interview

    An in person interview is the next step to seeing if a service dog will suit your needs. While it is best to perform the interview at your house, we can do the interview at our facility. The interview at our facility is $150. For an inhome interview the price varies depending on your location.

  • Step 3: Payment or Fundraising

    We know most people who would benifit from a service dog can not afford a service dog. Once we determin the cost of your service dog, we will come up with a game plan for payment. We can help fundraise if need be.

  • Step 4: Finding a Suitable Service Dog

    We can help find a service dog that suits your needs. While you can use a dog you already have, we have to make sure a dog is qualified to complete training before getting started.

  • Step 5: Training

    Your Service Dog will live at our facility until the bulk of the training is completed.

  • Step 6: Training Course

    The service dog handler (person with disability) will need to complete intensive training to be able to hand their service dog. This training could take days to weeks depending on the dificulty of the tasks and the handlers dog handling ability. We will iron out details during or before training.

  • Step 7: Post Service Dog Placement

    After training we will need to complete a series of follow up lessons as well as determine a game plan for maintaining training. We will plan for refresher course training if need be.

  • Step 8: ENJOY YOUR LIFE!